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Our Purpose is to partner with clients
to provide creative solutions

Cooperative architectural wayfinding

Finding our way to architectural solutions begins before design. Working cooperatively with our clients to truly understand their goals is foundational to what we do. Veritas designs places that connect communities, environments that facilitate lifelong learning, and spaces that define what it means to be home…specifically to you. The spaces you inhabit don’t define who you are, but it does shape your life. The spaces you spend your time within provide the framework for impactful life experiences and the backdrop for the life you want to live. We understand the importance of this – of the authenticity and intentionality that should go into achieving the goals you have for the spaces that are important to you.

Developing solutions for commercial dreams.

The process sometimes begins with an empty lot, or an abandoned building, or an idea without a site. At the beginning there are more questions than answers. Before design begins, Veritas works with our clients and trade partners to clarify those questions and provide answers, allowing our clients to move forward with confidence. Setting the foundation before design, leads to a successful design process, which results in dream fulfillment for our clients.

Crafting home around your life

Most clients wanting to build their dream home don’t know how to get started. The fear of not knowing where to begin can be crippling, don’t let that fear keep you from missing out on fulfilling your dreams. To absolve that fear, we begin with a customized process that provides clients a clear, informed path from planning to building your legacy home.

Creating Spaces for Community

Diagnosing the facility needs with our public clients is prerequisite to prescribing solutions. Veritas works with you and your community to build consensus, prioritize needs and plan for the future. We recognize the important role your school district plays in your community, hire us. At Veritas we understand that life happens in your school buildings. Not just teaching and learning but growing a strong foundation of community.
Don’t tell us what you want – tell us what you hope to achieve with your project. We want to hear more about the ways you intend to use the space you’re envisioning, the stories it will hold and the memories you will make. Then we’ll help you get there. Let us invest our time in bringing your story to life.