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About Veritas

Our purpose is to partner with clients to provide creative solutions.

We fulfil our purpose by cooperatively working with our clients to find our way through architectural problems.

Our core values:

Approach each project with Goal Empathy

Beyond cognition of our clients goals, we strive to put ourselves in their footsteps so that their goals are our goals.

Dedicated to the team, Responsive to the Client

The success of our firm hinges on relationships. Our strong team relationships are what allows us to build strong client relationships.

Spread Positive Enthusiasm

Design and construction can be difficult, but with the right outlook it can be fun.

Difficult problems require Creative Solutions

Our pre-design process allows us to diagnose the situation before we prescribe solutions. The diagnosis is key to developing the proper solution.

Humility in every relationship

Everyone has something to contribute.

Our core values:

Goal Empathy

We live in our clients’ footsteps so their goals become our goals.

Dedication to the Team, Responsive to the Client

Strong team relationships build strong client relationships.

Positive Enthusiasm

With the right outlook, challenges can be fun.

Humility in Every Relationship

Everyone has something to contribute.

The Veritas Process


A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this initial consultation works the same way. This is the first step to a strategy designed to precisely understand your specific requirements, then to give findings and recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and a budget.


Design starts with an indefinite quantity of design options. The goal is to eliminate all of the options that don’t support the goals until you arrive at the singular best option that does.


Documents/blueprints communicate ideas into buildable projects. We approach documents with the same intentionality as the rest of our relationships. How do we provide the builders with the best information to construct the dreams of our clients.


This is where all it all comes to life. Throughout the entire process, our goal is to be your trusted advisor providing you the assurance that you can go about your daily life and focus on your business while we focus on your project. We keep you abreast of the progress and any challenges, but you can trust us to handle the heavy lifting.