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Foxie Den

foxie den

single family residence
8,200 square feet

  • icf and sip construction
  • solar energy generation
  • net-zero
  • home on acreage
A retired couple needed a new home closer to a family that provides them space to host family gatherings and focus on their hobbies. They want a home that they will be able to age in. A home that does not require much maintenance; a home that allows for disabilities should they happen; a home that provides them an everyday sense of serenity and peace.
After acquiring a beautiful piece of property in the heart of Lansing, Kansas, we set out to design this retreat together. The Fox’s had built several homes before, in multiple states, and even in different countries. They had a very good sense of what they wanted. They just weren’t sure how to put it all together, what it should look like, or how they could go about achieving their sustainability goals.
We worked through all of those decisions together, exploring options, developing solutions, testing those solutions, and making adjustments, until everything felt just right. Their home is large- 8,200 square feet, but it doesn’t feel like it. The spaces are proportionate to each other, and the overall mass of the home is broken down in a way that gives you a sense of what’s happening inside from the outside. The design is clean and modern, but also warm, inviting, and contextual to their site in the woods.
From the onset, we located the home to take advantage of the views of their property, also planning for proper window design to take advantage of the sun’s light and energy. The Foxie Den is constructed with high-efficiency ICF exterior walls, SIP panel roofs, geothermal heating/cooling, and solar electricity generation, providing them a home that creates as much energy as it uses, completely off the grid.