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willhaven kc

single family residence
3,200 square feet

  • sip construction
  • solar energy generation
  • neighborhood home
  • exposed beams

A young(ish) family needed a new family home within a neighborhood that would provide a community for them and their children. A place with good schools, neighborhood amenities, geographically close to downtown KC and the airport, and a place where the father, an architect (me) could design a home that reflected his professional sensibilities.

The goal was to create a home that would support the family and reflect not only their style, but their priorities: Faith, Family, Adventure, Hospitality, Responsibility, Humility. These are the elements that drove the design-thinking about spaces where the family can share their faith together, spaces that remind them of shared adventures and create excitement for adventures yet to come. A place where they can host gatherings for friends, family, neighbors. A home that is responsible to the environment, generating little waste, consuming minimum resources, connecting to nature. The result is a home that looks a little different, feels a little different, but not because it is screaming from the rooftops, “look at me”. It is different because it focuses on the family, everything else just falls in place. It’s not ostentatious, it sits low to the ground, nestled within the hillside. At 3,200 square feet, it’s of similar size to its neighbors. It’s not designed to be honored, but to be lived in.